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Tipos de cookies

HttpOnlyThis parameter makes cookies inaccessible via the document.cookie API, so they are only editable by the server.SecureA secure cookie is only sent to the server with an encrypted request over the HTTPS protocol. Even with Secure, sensitive information should never be stored in cookies, as they are inherently insecure and this flag can’t offer real protection.SessionSession cookies are deleted when the client shuts down, because it didn’t specify Expires or Max-Age directive. However, web browsers may use session restoring, which makes most session cookies permanent, as if the browser was never closed.Domain/PathExpiresName/Value 13:01:45Name: pll_languageValue: es 13:01:45Name: _gidValue: GA1.2.1289376982.1686574906 13:02:45Name: _gat_gtag_UA_270066075_1Value: 1 13:01:45Name: _ga_QHJN53H086Value: GS1.1.1686574905.1.0.1686574905.0.0.0 13:01:45Name: _gaValue: GA1.1.1412930962.1686574906